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Learn how to use your expertise and knowledge to build a successful consulting business.

The Benefits of Consulting

  • Unlimited Earning Potential

    There is no limit to the income that you can generate from selling your consulting services, products and programs

  • Freedom

    Consulting allows you the freedom to determine your work schedule and to choose clients that are a good fit for your services

  • Evergreen

    A good consultant is always in demand when you have something of true value that can help another solve their problems

Helping Those That Help Others

Using over 20 years of hands-on consulting experience to help others build thriving consulting practices. We've made the process simple, actionable and effective.

  • Instant access to 10 course videos

  • 6 worksheets & templates offering practical solutions to get you started immediately

  • 10 exercises to help you discover your niche and win new clients

  • Lifetime access to course material allowing you a refresh as needed

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    The Consulting Mindset

    • The Consultants Mission

    • Credo / Getting Started Questionnaire (Downloadable Worksheets)

  • 3

    Discover Your Niche

    • Discover Your Niche

    • Personal Assessment & Niche Matrix (Downloadable Worksheet)

  • 4

    Prospecting for Clients

    • Prospecting

    • Discover the Need

    • Proposal Process

    • Prospecting, Contact, Buyer Persona & Event Calendar Template (Downloadable Worksheet)

  • 5


    • Structuring Engagements

    • Pricing Engagements

    • Troubleshooting

    • Discovery Call Script & Proposal Template

  • 6


    • Scaling Your Business

  • 7

    Next Steps

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...


In their words...

THB Consulting

Ted Horton-Billard

"This course offered invaluable information for me along my journey of building and growing my independent consulting practice. It's helped me not only attract new clients but retain and grow my client base."


Francisco Castro - Founder and Managing Partner

"Great insight on how to properly sell consulting services. If you're looking to get into the business of consulting this course is a must for you."

Latin & Code

Steven Picanza - Global branding consultant & educator

Taking Tim's course has been a great investment and has allowed me to optimize my business in multiple ways. His methodology for delivering solutions to complex problems was a game-changer and I highly recommend taking the time to spend inside Tim's course. As a bonus, his worksheets and exercises allowed me to actually work in tandem with Tim, as opposed to other self-proclaimed gurus who steamroll through fundamental business strategies and expect you to just "get it".

Sarah Jane Home

Sarah Jane Miller

"This terrific program dramatically changed how I looked at my consulting business. It provided me with the frame that I needed to polish my marketing materials and approach potential clients with confidence. Best part? It's not a "one and done" situation. I will be referring back to it as my business evolves. Money and most importantly, time well spent!"

Los Designs

Carlos Ascencio

"As a branding and design consultant, this course helped me better position my services and taught me the value of defining my niche. I'm now successfully working with niche beer brands!"

KJB Consulting

Kevin Bates

"Within a few weeks after taking this course I was able to successfully launch my consulting business. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get started."

Build the Consulting Business of Your Dreams

If you're ready to monetize your knowledge you won't want to miss this opportunity



Tim Martinez

Tim Martinez is the founder of the private consulting practice The Inside Man (T.I.M.). He is a seasoned entrepreneur, active business owner and consultant. For the past 20 years Tim has worked hand-in-hand in the trenches with businesses owners and executives in the areas of building, growing and selling their businesses. Tim's specialty has been in the area of creating infrastructure within his clients businesses that support rapid growth and expansion. He has consulted with thousands of business owners across the U.S. and internationally and is a highly sought after business advisor. Tim's mission is educate, encourage and empower the entrepreneur.


  • How Long Will This Course Take?

    We recommend you take as much time as needed to thoroughly understand the course material and to work through the worksheets. At a minimum you should watch one chapter every few days.

  • Do I Need Prior Consulting Experience?

    You do not need prior consulting experience to gain value from this course.

  • Is This Course Only For Business Consultants?

    No. The information contained will apply to any form of consulting business relevant to you niche. The principles taught in this course covers best practices for all consultants regardless of industry.

  • Is There Additional Support If I Have Questions Along The Way?

    The course material is comprehensive and should answer your questions about consulting in detail. However if you need additional support you can send an email to

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*** Guarantee: If you can prove that you’ve implemented the course material and took the time to really put in the work, and it didn't help you launch your consulting business then just let us know and we’ll refund your investment. BUT… if you invest in the course and do nothing with it, that’s on you. We have no control over whether you’ll actually use this framework to help you achieve success.